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    Customer Letter from the Tooth Fairy

Each letter from the Tooth Fairy is personally designed for your special little someone and printed using quality paper and envelope.  Choose from a selection of assorted backgrounds and letter templates listed below and add a personal message to help make your Tooth Fairy Letter more believable to the child. 

  Background One                             Background Two Background Three                           Background Four Sample Tooth Fairy Letters

Tooth Fairy Letter One

Dear (Child’s Name),

It's the Tooth Fairy here writing to you because I have been told how brave you were when you lost a tooth recently.  Well done for being a brave (Boy or Girl) I know sometimes it can be hard to be so brave, but now you are (Child’s Age) old it will get easier.

You can teach your (Sister / Brother / Both or Friend) how to be brave so that when they lose a tooth you can be there to help.

I hope you drink lots of milk and brush your teeth because they need to be looked after so that when I get them they are not too hard for me to keep clean.  I have so many teeth to clean and shine so that they are shining and bright, that it takes me a long time sometimes.

I will look after your tooth and all the others that you might lose so you don't have to worry about them, just look after the ones that you still have, making sure you clean them at least twice a day, and more if you can.

Have fun and happy brushing!

The Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Letter Two

Hi (Child’s Name),

I hear you have had a tooth come out, well never mind.  I hope it didn't hurt you too much and that you have got over the pain quickly.

You have been a very brave (Boy or Girl)  I came to your home at (Address) and have left you something to show you how pleased I am at your bravery.

If you look under your pillow you will find a little something and next time you lose a tooth I will visit you again and if you are as brave as you were this time I might just leave you another surprise.

Remember though that teeth get dirty and must be cleaned at least twice a day, and if you eat lots of candy you must try and clean them even more, drink lots of milk if you can because that is very good for teeth........oh and don't be scared of the dentist because they look after your teeth and make sure they are nice and bright.

Happy Brushing,

The Tooth Fairy

 Tooth Fairy Letter Three

Hello (Child’s Name),

I have heard that you are being a very good (Boy or Girl) and are being very brave at the moment because you have lost a tooth, I hope it wasn't too painful.  Is your friend (Friend’s Name) there to keep you company and to help you forget about the pain?

I am the Tooth Fairy and I visit children to make sure they clean their teeth and don't lose too many of their precious teeth, but sometimes it's necessary for teeth to come out so that others can grow.  Is that what has happened to you?  But you are now (Child’s Age) so I expect you are braver than some that are younger than you.

Your tooth is special to me and I will look after it and shine it every day so that it stays as sparkling as it should do and as yours will do if you brush them at least twice a day and more if you can.

Well done for being brave and for looking after your teeth.

The Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy Letter Four

Good Morning (Child’s Name),

Last night while you were fast asleep, I quietly entered your room, looked under your pillow and found something.  Someone in (Town) told me you had recently lost a tooth, and they were right!

What a fine tooth it was too.  Not many (boy’s or girl’s) in (Country) have such fine teeth.  It will surely be one of the best in my collection.

Losing a tooth is a special time for a young person like you (Child’s Name).  It means you are growing up and soon will have new adventures in front of you.

Part of growing up means taking good care of your teeth.  That means brushing every day and eating the right foods.

In appreciation for leaving me such a fine tooth, I have left you a special something too!  I hope you have a fairy nice day today!

Your Secret Friend,

The Tooth Fairy

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