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When Should I Book Our Wedding Stationery Appointment?

An appointment to discuss your wedding stationery should ideally take place up to six months prior to your Wedding Date but no later than three months to ensure the sourcing of materials.

Appointments can be arranged for you Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm & Evenings 6pm - 8:30pm (Monday to Friday Only) at my studio at my home in Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath.  The consultation can take approximately an hour and from this a draft set of sample invitations can be produced.  The consultation is free and without obligation!

You can contact me using the CONTACT ME icon on the top right of your screen and I will ring you back or by using any of the other contact options.

Wedding Invitations

At nothing is set in stone! offers a variety of wedding invitation layouts which can be printed using varied card-stock and embellished with vellum, ribbons, diamantes or pearls.  Each design has a unique flare and can be adjusted to suit any wedding colour or design theme, from traditional to the unique - the choice is yours. 

Wedding Invitation prices vary according to their style, please ask for a free quotation!

 *All invitations are accompanied with an appropriate sized envelope in Snow White or Ivory. 

  But an alternatively colour can be organised to suit your wedding theme, at an additional costing!

Directional Cards 

Directional Cards are helpful for guests travelling from near and far.  They can include grid references as well a map if desired.  Directs from the church are especially useful as they ensure that your wedding guests all take the same route to the Wedding Reception Venue, following the bridal party car in convoy.  It adds to the fun and if someone should run into trouble along the way to the reception someone is bound to notice a problem and assist or get assistance for the other guest.  

Accommodation Cards

Accommodation Cards are a good way of informing your guests of any special deals you may have agreed with your hotel for your wedding date.  As well as giving alternative accommodation close by such as bed & breakfasts or other hotels if the hotel is fully booked.  Remember you know the hotel and area better than your guests do and as they are your guests, I am sure you would like to ensure their well being during their stay.

Shopping on a Budget, No Problem! offers a selection of Wedding Stationery items available to suit every budget. Each wedding item has been carefully calculated to give you value for money.  There can be an average saving of 15% when choosing a wedding stationery item in an alternative size or style.  If the items don't suit your needs, please ask for a personal package to be assembled for you.  A Savings Plan can also be organised for you which will spread the cost over a number of weeks, making it more manageable.  Please ask for more details.

Listed below are other useful links at, just click on the icon!

Save the Date Cards

Save the Date Postcards are posted in advance of your Wedding Invitation posting.  They advise your wedding guests of your forthcoming wedding plans and ensure they make time on their busy calendar to be able to join you on your big day.  Requesting annual leave can be a problem and may need to be organised well in advance, to avoid disappointment.

Being aware of the forthcoming wedding date is especially useful for family or friends travelling from abroad who may be able to avail of cheap flights and ferry deals if they book in adequate time of their travelling period.

Remember your wedding guests are just as important as any bow or flower you may be ordering for your special day, having special friends or family present on your big day will make you happy so let them know well in advance of you Wedding Date plans and possible venue.


At I always encourage the use of R.S.V.P.'s.  This method of response has been tried and tested for generations and is a good way of gathering the valuable information of who will or won't be able to attend your Special Day, as well as any special dietary needs your guests may have. 

Other methods include Email or phone texting.  Please remember, not all guests are internet or phone knowledgeable so to avoid any mix-up it would be helpful to include an address that an R.S.V.P. could be posted too if preferred by the sender.

They are posted out with the Wedding All Day Invitations with a date to be returned by this is usually within 4-6 weeks prior to wedding date.  This ensures they are back in time for you to make appropriate arrangements with your venue about guest numbers attending and again any special dietary needs they might have.

R.S.V.P. Postcards have the appropriate address on the envelope to avoid any confusion for posting and are address personally to the person or persons invited to your day celebrations.  On the card there are box that should be ticked off by the invited party to indicate their attendance or regret to decline option.  All the invited party has to do is place a stamp on the postcard, tick off the appropriate boxes and pop in the post back to you.  

By including a R.S.V.P. Card with your Wedding Invitation you have just saved your guest the hassle of shopping for a card and looking for the appropriate address to post off too, aswell as gathering your vital information for your wedding venue.  Everyone wins!


There is a simple trick to sending out invitation with the R.S.V.P. included.  When drafting up your wedding guest listing simply allocate each invitation an individual reference number.  On the reverse of the R.S.V.P. on the bottom left hand corner write the number of each individual invitation's reference number as per the corresponding invitation name.  When the R.S.V.P. is posted back to you the reference number will easily identify the owner if they should forget to include their name on the response.  

Menu Covers & Place Settings

Wedding Menu Covers, Place Settings and Table Planner are also available to match your Wedding Stationery selection. 

* Take care this service maybe already be included with your Wedding Booking. Please check with your Wedding Venue Provider for further details to prevent overlap. Thank You Cards

It's always good manners to thank your Wedding Guests for giving up their time to attend and share your Wedding Day.   It's also good manners to thank them for the special gift they may have given you both to help you set up home or travel.  No matter how small the gift may be the thoughts behind it are always sincere and thoughtful, especially if recieved from a family member.  Always remember to say thank you!


*All Thank You Cards are designed to match your Wedding Stationery selection and come with an appropriately sized envelope.  The interior wording can be altered to carry a personal message from the Newly Married Couple to their Wedding Guest or Member of the Immediate Wedding Party.

€100 Deposit Secures Your Order!